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Why Customized E-Learning Solutions are Required?

Posted by on Oct 4, 2016 in Learning Solutions | 0 comments

Many businesses have started realizing the benefits of eLearning. But the biggest question that organizations face is whether to invest in pre-built eLearning course or go for a custom eLearning development.

Pre-built eLearning courses are less expensive and easily available. But they do not serve the purpose always. Off-the-shelf eLearning solutions offer generic content which may not provide the desired benefits to your employees. On the other hand, customized eLearning solutions are tailor-made as per your requirements.

Here are some convincing arguments that show the need for customized eLearning solutions.

Your Training Needs Are Unique

Every company has unique training needs related to organizational systems and processes. But, off-the-shelf eLearning solutions focus on standard processes and are made as per industry requirements.

Such solutions are less likely to have content and training material that meets your organization’s needs. And makes it hard for employees to relate and as a result the whole exercise becomes useless.

Customized eLearning solutions, on the other hand have reality based examples and immersive scenarios that employees can easily relate to.

Such solutions allow employees to understand how their choices and actions have an effect on the outcomes. They are motivated to grasp maximum knowledge as they can see how the training session will help them.

You Want E-Learning to Reflect Image of Your Brand

Off-the-shelf eLearning solutions cannot convey your brand values or image as you might want them to. Every organization wants its employees to have a specific image about their company’s image and value in their mind. With pre-built eLearning courses, it is not always possible as customizations are difficult and costly.

With customized eLearning courses, you have complete control over design aspect and content. You can ensure every graphic, every line of text and every page design is in-line with image of your brand. The result is the final learning product is an accurate representation of your organization’s culture and value.

You Need to Frequently Update the E-Learning Course Content

As technology advances, rules change, and business processes improve, you need to make relevant changes. This is not possible with pre-built e-learning courses.

In the case of custom e-learning solutions, the source files are always with you. This allows for easy implementation of any changes and you are not required to seek permission from any authority to make changes.

Can Create Feedback and Assessment Tools That Are Suited to Your Business Goals

Assessment and feedback are two important components of e-learning solutions. They allow you to determine whether the course has been able to deliver core ideas, knowledge and skills as intended. With pre-built e-learning courses, you have to remain contended with generic assessment tools and feedback mechanism. You can create assessment tools that adhere to your organization’s standards.

Now that you have enough evidence that custom e-learning solutions are always better. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that comes along.

Benefits of Custom E-learning Solutions

Reduced Long-Term Costs

Custom e-learning solutions may look expensive in the initial phase of deployment, but employing it can save a good amount of money in the long run.

Your organization is only required to bear the upfront development costs for the first time. There are no licensing fees involved and the long-term costs of custom e-learning courses are lower in comparison to its off-the-shelf counterparts.


Freedom of Creativity

With all creative control  resting in your hands, you can go to great lengths in terms of design and content when developing a custom e-learning course. You can research every piece of content that is included in the course. You can fine-tune the whole learning experience to boost learner engagement. In simple words, you can develop the course the way you have thought or imagined.

To sum up, customized e-learning solutions give you an opportunity to design e-learning courses that match your organization’s vision and meets the training needs of your organization. It offers higher skill based and factual knowledge that ensures your organization always meets its training goals.

Do you agree customized e-learning solutions are best to train your workforce? Let us know in the comments below.