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Five Benefits of Performance Support Solutions You Can’t Ignore

Posted by on May 23, 2016 in Learning Solutions | 0 comments

Any business organization, big or small, expects its workforce to be well-informed and skillful enough to survive the overly competitive market. The need for employee training can arise in a number of situations, during new recruitments or software upgrades or new projects. These training sessions are delivered in a number of ways and formats, suiting the requirements and work culture of the respective business organization. Story based learning, scenario based learning and gamification are some of the most popular ways how eLearning is delivered to make learning more engaging, involving and immersive.

In this article we are going to discuss performance support solutions, a new type of eLearning that’s nothing like the traditional methods of eLearning. It could be defined as a set of tools and resources that promise to offer support, guidance and information to the trainees at any given time, at any given place. There are a number of distinctive features that separate performance support from the eLearning and mLearning methods that are popularly used. We shall list out those features and explain how it will help business organizations in realizing a more knowledgeable, skillful and productive workforce.

Five Major Benefits of Performance Support Solutions

1. Increase in Productivity

The bigger the organization, greater the training requirements and employees missing out on their work routine. Though inevitable, organizations have to train their employees and deal with the temporary loss in productivity. However, organizations don’t have to be vulnerable to this inevitability while using performance support solutions. Instead of setting up a specific time and place to train your workforce, you can directly integrate the training modules to their work routine. This will help the employees too as they can learn and work at the same time, applying thoughts into actions almost instantaneously. Learning and working simultaneously on real-time situations will certainly make them more productive.

2. More Effective

Another distinctive feature of performance support solutions is that they are far more effective than the traditional methods of eLearning (www.ehow.com/about_4788168_what-purpose-elearning.html). The former is more focused on performance, unlike the latter that’s only focused on learning new things and learning more. Performance support will prompt trainees to apply the things they have learnt on real-life challenges, solve problems, learn from their mistakes and seek immediate guide and support to rectify those mistakes. Simply, it will not only make your employees well-informed but also well-prepared.

3. It’s More Than Learning

Continuing the above point, if the objective of your trainings is to increase productivity and performance, you have to expect more than just learning and retention from your employees. Even though if they have the necessary knowledge on a certain operation but lack the necessary skills, problem solving abilities, an eye for innovation and creativity, and most importantly a team spirit, they are certainly going to perform badly. Performance support solutions will reduce bad performances as they are focused on the overall development of an employee.

4. Cheaper

As mentioned above in one of the points, performance support is normally integrated into an employee’s work routine. This means that there is no need for pre-defined training sessions, classrooms to conduct the sessions and instructors to lead the session. Instructor-led, classroom training sessions are certainly a costly affair and when the employees are being trained, there is a minor loss of productivity as well. Thus, by employing performance support solutions, business organizations can save a lot of time and money.

5. Scalability

Considering the fact that performance support solutions are a long term thing, it is quite obvious that they need frequent revisions and changes to stay relevant in these changing times. Since these courses are not instructor led or bound by limitations such as classrooms or platforms, it is very easy to update and upgrade the course materials. It wouldn’t take much time or resources to pull this off.

Almost all business organizations are recognizing the long term benefits of performance support in boosting their productivity, and those who fail to see its importance are certainly lagging behind. So in order to stay in the lead and improve your employees’ performance and productivity, you can start introducing performance support solutions to your employees through interactive PDFs, kinetic texts, whiteboard animations and other such performance support tools.