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Opt for E-learning Outsourcing to Stay Competitive in Business World

Posted by on Mar 3, 2017 in Tips | 0 comments

Nowadays, e-learning outsourcing has become a trend all over the world. This helps to reduce cost, influence worldwide capabilities, mitigate risks and find out new markets. Several Fortune 500 enterprises are now outsourcing eLearning courses due to availability of skilled staff at low cost. Moreover, outsourcing enables quick growth of high quality products. Research says that cost of content development comes down to 40% when outsourced to India. Furthermore, it is proved that if enterprises outsource eLearning projects involving a series of steps including LMS hosting, localisation and translations, they can focus better on core activities.

Let’s check out the process of preparing for eLearning outsourcing with the help of the following steps:

  • Investigation – In case you are developing eLearning courses in-house, you can include course translation and if you look for end-to-end eLearning solution you can have LMS administration. If you think that an external standpoint will pinpoint the performance gaps that can be bridged through training initiatives, you can outsource the job of analysing your training requirements. At times, enterprises can lose sight of big picture by getting too much involved in details. Moreover, you can outsource the investigation of your training requirements, if your team is too pressed for time. While outsourcing, ensure the fact that your vendor- partner is expert in the field of performance and need analysis.
  • Design – Now, if you have established the design standards of your eLearning course but have very limited time, you can outsource this job. You can outsource if you know the subject matter very well but don’t have sufficient knowledge to design the capabilities. In such a case, you should not try to project the course but should allow your experts to deal the matter effectively. Ensure the fact that your salesperson has good understanding of learning needs and has specialisation in eLearning design. Remember the fact that your vendor should be aware of your organisational objectives while making a course design. Small team can be perfect for your end. You should require a vendor with the competence in making diverse functions and can coordinate with team members successfully. Here, you can ask for team members to work on your projects.
  • Component Development – You can outsource specific component development like content, graphics and animations. Furthermore, you can outsource explicit components, if you are making use of using authoring tools. You may require some graphically rich learning objects for enhancing course. Try to go with vendors having in-house competencies for developing graphical components. Tailored graphic corporations can also do this job.
  • Course Development – You can outsource online course development if you have an expert design team and whenever your design standards are well-defined or matured. In such situations, you can outsource to turn out more developments in less time. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t make the mistake of providing course development to an eLearning company specializing in graphics and having no background in learning. Besides, the core competency of using authoring tools for course development, the perfect vendor should have internal Instructional designers for giving valuable understandings of the course.
  • Assessment – At this stage, you should check whether your learners have enjoyed the course you have offered. You have to weigh up the efficacy of the course in realizing learning objectives. You also have to check whether there is any kind of change in learners’ behaviour. Furthermore, you should check out whether the course has assisted you in achieving the business objective of your company. In case you feel that you get an honest feedback through an outside assistance or are constrained by time, you can outsource the assignment of assessing your course. You must select a vendor who can measure the efficacy of training programs successfully, using industry-accepted standards.

So, what are you waiting for? Opt for eLearning outsourcing and boost your business’s success. You can take help from eLearning vendor partner and stay competitive in constantly changing business world. Remember, that if you do not have adequate resources for designing eLearning courses, you can outsource as this will offer you competent touch to online courses, making them effective. Innovative learning solutions are used by the best eLearning providers for delivering quality products to customers. Learning ecosystem solutions help customers to transform learner performance, which in turn enable customers gain competitive benefits. Check out the preferred partner for eLearning, Localisation, Performance Support as well as HTML5 framework development. Unique eLearning solutions are tailored for customer specific requirement. Get the best solution and stay at the forefront of competition.